Luther Weekend




Consultant: Silverside’s Own Karen Purdy, Ph.D.

German language scholar, Dr. Karen Purdy, has invested twenty-years in studying the life and writings of Martin Luther; her interests have led her in her extensive travels to visit most of the key German sites in Luther’s life. In this 500th year (2017) since Luther shook the foundations of the Western world by challenging the most powerful person in the western world, Pope Leo X, in 1517, she will revisit many of those sites and will have photos and the latest details to share with her Silverside family. In addition, she will be working with our Director of Music and our Pastor to bring Luther’s music and less emphasized ideas into our Gatherings for the whole month of October.


All 10 a.m. Sunday Gatherings feature the music of Melissa Heieie and the Silverside Choir.

Oct 1: Faith and Fear

Oct 8: Grace Alone!

Oct 15: Not Every Book in the Bible Should Be!

Oct 18, Dinner/Discussion 6 pm Dr. Karen Purdy, Why Luther?

Oct 22: Peasants as Priests

Oct 25, Dinner/Discussion 6 pm Dr. David Farme, Constipation and Demons, Beer and Audacity

Oct 27, Table Talk, 7 pm Beer (including no alcohol beer), Bratwurst, and the Very Ribald Luther

Oct 29: Conscience and Consequences